Accounting Standards Osmania University 6th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction: {Book}
Introduction to Accounting, Concept of Accounting Theory VIEW VIEW VIEW
Role of Accounting theory VIEW
Classification of Accounting Theory VIEW
Deductive and inductive approach in theory formulation VIEW
Accounting Principles VIEW
Accounting Concepts and Conventions VIEW
Accounting Standard: Concept, Evolution VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Standards Relating to Financial Reporting & Disclosure {Book}
Ind AS-101: First time adoption of Indian Accounting Standards VIEW
Ind AS-1: Presentation of Financial Statements VIEW
Ind AS-7: Cash Flow Statements VIEW VIEW
Ind AS-8: Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors VIEW
Ind AS-10: Events after the Balance Sheet Date VIEW
Ind AS-24: Related Party Disclosures VIEW
Ind AS- 34: Interim Financial Reporting VIEW
Ind AS-105: Non-Current assets held for sale and discontinued operations VIEW
Ind AS- 108: Operating Segments VIEW


Unit 3 Standards Providing Guidance on Financial Statement Items {Book}
Ind AS-2: Inventories VIEW
Ind AS-11: Construction contracts VIEW
Ind AS-12: Income taxes VIEW
Ind AS-16: Property, Plant and Equipment VIEW
Ind AS-17: Leases VIEW
Ind AS-18: Revenue VIEW
Ind AS-20: Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance VIEW
Ind AS-23: Borrowing Costs VIEW
Ind AS-38: Intangible Assets VIEW


Unit 4 Standards Relating to Business Acquisitions and Consolidations {Book}
Ind AS-28: Investments in Associate and Joint Ventures VIEW
Ind AS-103: Business Combinations VIEW
Ind AS-110: Consolidated Financial Statements VIEW
Ind AS-111: Joint Arrangements VIEW
Ind AS-112: Disclosure of interest in other entities VIEW


Unit 5 Financial Reporting {Book}
Financial reporting Concept VIEW
Development in Financial reporting objectives VIEW
True Blood Report (USA) VIEW
The Corporate Report (UK) VIEW
Stamp Report (Canada) VIEW
Objectives of Financial Reporting VIEW
Qualities of Financial Reporting VIEW
Recent trends in Corporate Reporting in India VIEW