Financial Accounting-1 Osmania University 1st Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Accounting process {Book}
Financial Accounting: Introduction, Definition, Evolution VIEW
Financial Accounting Scope VIEW
Financial Accounting Functions VIEW
Financial Accounting Advantages and Limitations VIEW
Users of Accounting Information VIEW
Branches of Accounting VIEW
Accounting Principles, Concepts and Conventions VIEW VIEW
Accounting Standards Meaning, Importance VIEW
List of Accounting Standards issued by ASB VIEW
Accounting System, Types of Accounts VIEW
Accounting Cycle VIEW
Ledger VIEW
Trial Balance VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Subsidiary Books {Book}
Subsidiary Books Meaning, Types VIEW
Purchases Book, Purchases Returns Book, Sales Book, Sales Returns Book VIEW
Bills Receivable Book, Bills Payable Book VIEW
Cash Book: Single Column, Two Column, Three Column VIEW
Petty Cash Book VIEW
Journal Proper VIEW


Unit 3 Bank Reconciliation Statement {Book}
Bank Reconciliation Statement Meaning, Need VIEW
Reasons for differences between Cash book and Pass book balances VIEW
Favourable and over Draft balances VIEW
Ascertainment of correct cash book balance VIEW
Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement VIEW


Unit 4 Rectification of Errors and Depreciation {Book}
Capital and Revenue Expenditure VIEW
Capital and Revenue Receipts Meaning and Differences VIEW VIEW
Differed Revenue Expenditure VIEW
Errors and their Rectification VIEW
Types of Errors VIEW
Suspense Account VIEW
Effect of Errors on Profit VIEW
Depreciation (AS-6): Meaning Causes VIEW
Difference between Depreciation, Amortization and Depletion VIEW
Objectives of providing for depreciation VIEW
Factors affecting depreciation VIEW
Accounting Treatment of depreciation VIEW VIEW
Methods of depreciation:
Straight Line Method VEW
Diminishing Balance Method VIEW


Unit 5 Final Accounts {Book}
Final Accounts of Sole Trader: Meaning, Uses VIEW
Preparation of Manufacturing Account VIEW
Preparation of Trading Account VIEW
Preparation of Profit & Loss Account VIEW
Balance Sheet Adjustments VIEW VIEW
Closing Entries VIEW