F1 Financial Institutions and Markets Bangalore University B.Com 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Introduction, Meaning of Financial System, Financial Concepts VIEW
Constituents of Financial System VIEW
Structure of Financial System VIEW
Role of Financial System VIEW
Functions of Financial System VIEW
Development of Financial System in India VIEW
Financial Sector Reforms VIEW VIEW
Financial System and Economic Development VIEW
Weakness of Indian Financial System VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Meaning, Structure, Importance, Functions of Capital Market VIEW
Players, Instruments, Components of Capital Market VIEW
Recent trends in Capital Market VIEW
Money Market Meaning, Structure, Importance VIEW
Functions of Money Market VIEW
Instrument of Money Market VIEW
Recent trends in Money Market VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]
Meaning, Features, Players of Primary Market, Instruments in Primary Market VIEW
Merits and Demerits of Primary Markets VIEW
Methods of Floating New issues:
Public issue (IPO) VIEW
Offer for Sale VIEW
Right Issue VIEW VIEW
Private placement VIEW
Problems of Indian Primary Markets VIEW


Unit 4 [Book]
Secondary Market Meaning, Structure, Functions, Players in Stock Market VIEW
Merits and Demerits of Stock Markets VIEW
Methods in Stock Markets VIEW
Recognition of Stock Exchanges VIEW
Function of Stock Exchanges of BSE, NSE, OTCI VIEW
Listing of Securities VIEW
Trading and Settlement Procedure in the Stock Market VIEW
Problems of Indian Stock Market VIEW
SEBI Objectives, Functions, SEBI Role VIEW
Reforms in Secondary Market VIEW


Unit 5 [Book]
Introduction, Meaning, Role, Importance, Types of NBFCs VIEW
Insurance Companies VIEW
Loan Companies VIEW
Investment Companies VIEW
Leasing & Hire Purchase VIEW
Housing Finance VIEW
Chit Funds VIEW
Mutual funds VIEW VIEW
Venture Capital Funds VIEW
Factors & Forfeiting VIEW
Credit Rating VIEW VIEW
Depository and Custodial Services VIEW
Forex Market Concept, Meaning, Importance, Merits, Demerits of Forex market VIEW
Fluctuations in Foreign Exchange rates, Causes and Effects VIEW