Business Leadership Skills Bangalore University BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Business Leadership [Book]
Introduction to Business leadership, Meaning & Definition of Leadership VIEW
Evolution and Growth of leadership VIEW
Functions and Characteristics of leadership VIEW
Importance of Leader in Organisation Culture VIEW
Latest trends / Current scenario of business leadership VIEW
Dark traits of Leadership VIEW


Unit 2 Leadership from Managerial Perspective [Book]
Nature Significance or Importance of leadership VIEW
Top 10 Qualities of an effective leader VIEW
Leader versus Manager VIEW
Leader versus Mentor VIEW
Authority versus Leadership VIEW
Formal versus Informal Leadership VIEW
Different roles of leadership VIEW
Different levels of leadership VIEW
Traits of an ethical leader VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Leaders and Team Decisions [Book]
Team Decision making VIEW
Power and influence in teams VIEW
Leadership and Team empowerment VIEW VIEW VIEW
Challenges in Team decision making VIEW
Role of a Leader in decision making VIEW


Unit 4 Leadership Styles & Skills [Book]
Leadership styles: a) Autocratic leadership, b) Bureaucratic leadership, c) Democratic leadership, and d) Laissez faire leadership e) Transformational Leadership, f) Charismatic Leadership VIEW
Leadership Skills VIEW VIEW
Communications Skills VIEW
Decision Making Skills VIEW
Emotional Management Skills VIEW
Public Relation Skills VIEW
Personal Values and Ethics VIEW VIEW
Conflict Resolution Skills VIEW VIEW
Emerging Trends in Leadership: VIEW
Transgender in Leadership; Limitations VIEW
Challenges & Opportunities of a Women Leadership VIEW
Challenges & Opportunities of a Transgender Leadership VIEW
Role of a e-leadership VIEW