Indian Financial System

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Unit 1 Introduction to Financial System in India {Book}
Overview of Financial System VIEW
Structure, Function of financial Market VIEW
Regulation of financial Market VIEW VIEW
Financial Assets/ Financial Instruments VIEW
Financial Market VIEW
Structure of financial Market VIEW
Interlink between Capital market and Money market VIEW
Capital Market VIEW
Money Market VIEW
Classification of Financial System VIEW
Key elements of well-functioning of Financial system VIEW
Economic indicators of financial development VIEW
Functions and Significance of Primary Market VIEW
Functions and Significance of Secondary Market VIEW


Unit 2 Banking Institutions {Book}
Commercial Banks VIEW
Types of Banks Public, Private and foreign Banks, Payments Bank, Small Finance Banks VIEW
Cooperative Banking System VIEW
Regulatory environment of Commercial Banking VIEW
Operational aspects of commercial Banking VIEW
Investment Policy of Commercial Banks VIEW
*Narasimaham Committee Report on Banking Sector Reforms VIEW


Unit 3 Financial Institutions AND NBFCs {Book}
Financial institutions: Meaning definitions and Features VIEW
Objective composition and functions of All India Financial Institutions (AIFI’s) VIEW
Nonbanking finance companies: Meaning, Definition, Characteristics, functions. Types VIEW
Difference between a Bank and a Financial institution VIEW
Extra Topics
Types of Banking VIEW
Non-Banking Financial Institutions VIEW
Objectives & Functions of IDBI VIEW
Objectives & Functions of SFCs VIEW
Objectives & Functions of SIDCs VIEW
Objectives & Functions of LIC VIEW


Unit 4 Financial Services {Book}
Financial Services: Meaning, definition, Characteristics VIEW
Financial Services Types and Importance VIEW
Types of Fund Based Services and Fee Based Services VIEW
Factoring Services: Meaning, Types of factoring agreement VIEW
Forfaiting VIEW
Lease Financing in India VIEW
Venture Capital: Meaning, Stages of investment, Types VIEW
Angel Investment: Meaning, features and importance VIEW
Recent trends of Angel Investment in India VIEW
Crowd Funding Meaning, Types VIEW
Mutual funds Meaning and Types VIEW VIEW


Unit 5 Global Financial Systems {Book}
US Federal system Components, entities and functions VIEW
European Financial System VIEW
EU25 features and Functions VIEW
International Monetary System VIEW
International Stock market VIEW
International foreign exchange market VIEW
International derivative markets Meaning and functions VIEW
Currency crises VIEW
Current account deficit crises VIEW
Recent Trends in Global Financial Systems VIEW
Information highways in financial services VIEW