Business Documents Bangalore University 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Documents & Transactions {Book}
Preparation of Invoice, Receipts, Voucher VIEW
Delivery Challan, Entry cum Gate Pass VIEW
Debit and Credit Note VIEW
Transactions: Receipts VIEW VIEW
Vouchers VIEW
Debit Note, Credit Note VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Banking Transaction Documents {Book}
Banking VIEW
Drawings, Endorsing of Cheques VIEW VIEW
Crossing of Cheques VIEW
Filling up of pay in slips VIEW
Application and Preparation of Demand Drafts VIEW
Pass Book VIEW
Account opening form for SB account VIEW
Current account and Term Deposits VIEW
Fixed Deposit account and FD Receipts VIEW
Bills of Exchange VIEW
Promissory Note VIEW


Unit 3 Insurance Transaction Documents {Book}
Filling up of an application form of LIC policy, Premium form VIEW
Premium Notice and Challan for remittance receipts VIEW
Procedure for lapsed policy VIEW
Procedure for settling an account while the insured is alive or dead VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Circulars VIEW
Agenda VIEW
Minute of meetings VIEW
Resolutions VIEW
Stock list VIEW
Offer letter, Appointment letter VIEW
Quotation VIEW
Purchase order, Sales order VIEW
Payroll Reports VIEW