Business Regulations

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Unit 1 Introduction to Business Laws [Book]
Introduction, Nature of Law, Meaning and Definition of Business Laws VIEW
Scope and Sources of Business Laws VIEW
Types of Business Law VIEW
Difference between Law and ethics VIEW
Case precedent: Meaning of plaintiff, Defendant, Petitioner, Respondents, Public prosecutors, Advocate General, Solicitor general of India, Judicial Magistrate of First class, Civil Judge, Sessions (criminal court judge), Metropolitan magistrate, Economic offences. VIEW
Constitutional provisional relating to business affairs VIEW VIEW
Difference between Civil cases and Criminal cases VIEW


Unit 2 Contract Laws [Book]
Indian Contract Act, 1872 VIEW
Essentials of a Valid contract VIEW
Classification of contracts VIEW
Remedies for breach of contract. VIEW VIEW
Termination and Discharge of Contract VIEW
Indemnity VIEW
Guarantee VIEW
Bailment and Pledge VIEW
Law of Agency VIEW
Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930 VIEW
Essentials of contract of sale VIEW
Conditions and Warrantees VIEW VIEW
Rights and Duties of buyer VIEW
Rights of an Unpaid Seller VIEW


Unit 3 Consumer Protection Act, (COPRA) 2019 [Book]
Consumer Protection Act, (COPRA) 2019, Objective of the Act VIEW
Important terms: Complaint, Consumer, Consumer dispute, consumer rights, Defect, Deficiency, direct selling, E-commerce, Electronics Service providers, HARM, injury, Misleading advertisement, product liability
Restrictive trade practice, Service unfair trade practice (UTP) VIEW
Consumer dispute redressal forums District forum, State commission and National commission. Jurisdiction offences and penalties under the ACT VIEW
Extra Topic  
The Competition Act, 2002 VIEW
Objectives, Features of Competition Act, 2002 VIEW
Offences and Penalties under the Act Competition Act, 2002 VIEW
Competition Commission of India VIEW
Consumer Protection Act, 1986 VIEW
Consumer VIEW
Consumer dispute VIEW
Defect, deficiency, unfair trade practices and services under the Protection Act, 1986 VIEW
Rights of the consumer under the Protection Act, 1986 VIEW
Consumer Redressal Agencies: District Forum, State Commission, National Commission VIEW


Unit 4 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016 [Book]
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016 Introduction, Rationale and Objectives VIEW
Need for Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: Social, Legal, Economic and Financial Perspectives VIEW
Authorities and Enforcement Mechanism in IBC 2016 VIEW
Role of Adjudicating Authorities, Appellate Authorities VIEW
Insolvency of Individuals and Partnership firms VIEW


Unit 5 Intellectual Property Right [Book]
Introduction and the Need for Intellectual property right (IPR) VIEW
Kinds of Intellectual Property Rights:
Patent VIEW
Copyright VIEW
Trade Mark, Design VIEW
Geographical Indication VIEW
Plant Varieties and Layout Design VIEW
IPR in India VIEW
IPR in abroad VIEW
Major International Instruments concerning Intellectual Property Rights VIEW
Information Technology Act, 2000:
Information Technology Act, 2000: Objective of the Act VIEW
Meaning of Cyber Law VIEW
Cyberspace, Digital Signature VIEW
Private key, Public key VIEW
Encryption VIEW
Digital Signature certificate VIEW
Cyber Crimes: Meaning and Types VIEW
Cyber Crimes Offences and Penalties VIEW
Information Technology (Amendment 2018) Special provisions relating to online gaming, provision of adequate safeguards against dangerous gaming resources and online material that disturbs the cultural values and ethos. VIEW