A&FN3 Costing Methods and Techniques

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Unit 1 Job and Batch Costing [Book]  
Meaning of Costing Methods VIEW
Job Costing: Meaning, prerequisites, Job costing procedures, Features, Objectives, Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Job costing VIEW
Batch Costing Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages VIEW
Determination of economic Batch Quantity VIEW
Comparison between Job and Batch Costing VIEW
Meaning, Features, Applications of Contract costing VIEW
Similarities and Dissimilarities between Job and Contract costing VIEW
Procedure of Contract costing VIEW
Profit on incomplete contracts VIEW


Unit 2 Process costing [Book]  
Introduction, Meaning and definition, Features of Process Costing VIEW
Comparison between Job costing and Process Costing VIEW
Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Process Costing VIEW
Treatment of normal loss, Abnormal loss and Abnormal gain VIEW
Rejects and Rectification – Joint and by-products costing problems under reverse cost method VIEW


Unit 3 Operating Costing [Book]  
Introduction, Meaning and application of Operating Costing VIEW
Power house costing or Boiler house costing VIEW
Canteen or Hotel costing VIEW
Hospital costing and Transport Costing, Problems VIEW
Classification of costs, Collections of costs VIEW
Ascertainment of Absolute Passenger Kilometers, ton kilometers- Problems VIEW


Unit 4 Activity Based Costing [Book]  
Activity Based Costing Meaning VIEW VIEW
Differences between Traditional and Activity based costing VIEW
Characteristics of ABC VIEW
Cost drives and cost pools VIEW
Product costing using ABC system: Uses, Limitations VIEW
Steps in implementation of ABC VIEW


Unit 5 Output Costing [Book]  
Output Costing Meaning, Nature, Methodology VIEW
Methods of Establishment of cost VIEW
Just in Time (JIT): Features, Implementation and benefits VIEW