Ways to Enhance Organisational Effectiveness

07/11/2021 0 By indiafreenotes


Human resources are the most valuable asset of a company, and this is why the proper emphasis is given on hiring and retaining the best of the best. It is essential to find the right fit for the job and develop their skills and know-how through training and other learning methods to increase organizational effectiveness.

Business entities are particular about rewarding knowledge, talent, and expertise to boost employee performances so that they can ultimately have a positive impact on organizational effectiveness.


Organizational effectiveness is to a great extent dependent on the concept of accountability. A company should build an environment where every individual, as well as a group, is accountable for the tasks he participates in.

It is the accountability that determines how effectively the people perform the given functions. The organizations must make sure that there are performance accountability systems in place to clarify the expectations of the company and align the rewards as well as consequences with actual accomplishments.


One of the critical steps in organization effectiveness is developing leadership within the company. It is leaders who create a vision for their company, define, refine and execute critical processes, translate values into strategies, take action and be accountable. A leader has to answer three things

Value: What is the value he is offering to the customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Approach: How is he fulfilling the unique needs of his stakeholders and which strategy is going to support the vision for achieving competitive advantage.

Alignment: What is the designed alignment of processes, practices, strategy, structure culture, etc and will they be able to create maximum conditions for achieving company vision.


It is imperative to measure organizational effectiveness. A business entity must set a standard set of metrics and develop a system of reviews and parameters to analyze and measure, tasks, projects, productivity, behavior, processes, and results.

It is leaders who establish and maintain the measurement system to track progress and review status regularly.

Delivery Efficiency Strategy

The next step in the six systems of organizational effectiveness is the delivery of products and services. It is a fact that consumers and markets are ever-changing, and this means that a company should be prepared to shift and make adjustments to accommodate these changes as well as changes caused by advancements in technology. A straightforward delivery process will ensure the delivery to the right customers and their engagement in full.

This is why business entities try to create simple procedures that are adaptable, responsive. There is no scope for complexity because the onus is on satisfying customer experience. When organizations align initiative and operations with strategy using the best technique, they can pursue breakthroughs in critical areas and build future capability.


Every organization needs an effective communication system so that the flow of information is smooth. Leaders can be successful when they can communicate their message to other people in a precise manner. Everything happens in a company because of the exchange of information, and this is why strategic communication is considered a critical element in the success chain.

It makes sure that the impact of the message is in alignment with the intention so that it will lead to a better and complete understanding. What, where, when, how everything matters hence keep track of your words and communicate effectually. An essential way for organizational effectiveness is by making sure that the leader is aligning with the people around him and teaching regularly.