Post Purchase Behaviour

27/10/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

All the activities and experiences that follow purchase are included in the post purchase behavior. Usually, after making a purchase, consumers experience post-purchase dissonance. Post-purchase behavior is a customer’s reaction or feeling after the sale. It boils down to one of two sentiments: satisfaction vs. dissatisfaction. They sometimes regret their decisions made. It mainly occurs due to a large number of alternatives available, good performance of alternatives or attractiveness of alternatives, etc.

The marketers sometimes need to assure the consumer that the choice made by them is the right one. The seller can mention or even highlight the important features or attributes and benefits of the product to address and solve their concerns if any.

A high level of post-purchase dissonance is negatively related to the level of satisfaction which the consumer draws out of product usage. To reduce post-purchase dissonance, consumers may sometimes even return or exchange the product.

It’s vital to understand your customers’ post-purchase behavior because it gives your insight into how you can create a positive customer experience. With this insight, you can influence them to make the decisions you want them to make:

  • Repeat purchases
  • Positive reviews
  • Brand evangelism

It also gives you a chance to position your brand as a trusted guide and friend. Investing in your customers after you’ve collected their money demonstrates to them you’re committing to their satisfaction.

This level of engagement influences their post-purchase behavior, but it also positively affects your bottom line.

Steps to Improve:

Refund policy

Send an email to remind customers they can get a full refund if they aren’t happy with their purchase. And let them know the time limit on refunds.

This helps to reduce post-purchase anxiety. Knowing that the option for a refund is there helps the customer relax and enjoy the product.

Returns process

Another key message to include in your post-purchase emails is your returns process.

Sometimes the idea of returning a product can seem stressful. This adds to a customer’s anxiety and dissatisfaction, if they have decided not to keep an item.

By sending an email that clearly explains your returns policy, you remove this anxiety. This helps your customer to see your brand in a positive light.

Complementary product recommendations

Now your customer has bought from you, you’re in a position to curate personalised product recommendations for them.

Send an email with recommendations for complementary products so your customer can make the most out of their purchase.

Product satisfaction feedback

Post-purchase is the perfect time to get feedback on your products and customer service. This helps you get to know your customer to improve your customer experience.

Loyalty programme

Show your customers you value their custom by inviting them to become part of your loyalty programme.

Email them with an invitation to join that lays out how it will benefit them. Tempt them with exclusive offers, bonus points on purchases, and first looks at new lines.