Practice of Life Insurance Osmania University 3rd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Life Insurance and Types of Life Insurance Policies and Premium Calculation {Book}
Meaning evolution, growth and Principles of Life Insurance, Life Insurance Organizations in India VIEW VIEW VIEW
Competition of Life Insurance VIEW
Regulation of Life Insurance VIEW VIEW VIEW
Types of Life Insurance Policies Term, Whole Life, Endowment, Unit Linked and with or without Profit Policies VIEW
Customer Evaluation, Policy Evaluation VIEW
Pension Insurance Policies VIEW
Group Insurance Policies VIEW
Special features of Group Insurance/Super Annuation Schemes VIEW
Group Gratuity Scheme VIEW
Computation of Premiums, Meaning of Premium, its calculation VIEW
Rebates, Mode of Rebates, Large sum assured Rebates VIEW
Premium Loading, Rider Premiums VIEW
Computation of Benefits, Surrender value, Paid up value VIEW


Unit 2 Settlement of claims risk & Underwritings and financial planning & Tax saving {Book}
Settlement of Claims: Intimation Procedure, Documents and Settlement procedures VIEW VIEW VIEW
Underwriting: The need for underwriting VIEW VIEW
Guiding principles of Underwriting VIEW
Factors affecting Insurability VIEW
Methods of Life Classification VIEW
Laws affecting Underwriting VIEW
Financial Planning and Taxation: Savings VIEW VIEW VIEW
Insurance vis-à-vis- Investment in the Units Mutual Funds VIEW
Capital Markets VIEW VIEW
Life Insurance in Individual Financial Planning VIEW
Implications in IT treatment VIEW