Organizational Behaviour BU Old Syllabus Notes

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Unit 1 Organizational Behaviour {Book}
Organizational Behaviour Definition VIEW
Scope and Application in Management VIEW VIEW
**Organizational Behaviour Theories VIEW
**Organizational Behaviour Models VIEW
Combinations of other disciplines to OB VIEW
Emerging issues in Organizational Behaviour VIEW


Unit 2 Personality, Perception and Attitudes {Book}
Personality Meaning VIEW
Determinants of Personality VIEW VIEW
Biological factors, Cultural factors, Family and Social factors, Situational factors VIEW
Personality attributes influencing OB VIEW
Interactive Behaviour VIEW
Interpersonal Conflict VIEW VIEW
Perception Meaning, Need VIEW VIEW
Perceptual process VIEW
Perceptual Mechanism VIEW
Factors influencing Perception VIEW
Attitude, Meaning of Attitudes VIEW
Characteristics of Attitude VIEW
Components  of Attitude VIEW
Attitude and Behaviour VIEW
Attitude Formation VIEW
Change in Attitude VIEW
Barriers to Attitude VIEW


Unit 3 Learning and Behaviour Modification {Book}
Learning VIEW
Principles of Learning VIEW
Principles of Reinforcement VIEW
Observational Learning, Cognitive Learning VIEW VIEW
Cognitive Learning VIEW
Observational Behaviour Modification, Steps in Observational Behaviour Modification Process VIEW
Organizational Reward Systems VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Group Dynamics {Book}
Group Dynamics Meaning VIEW
Types of Groups VIEW
Functions of Small groups, Group size status, Managerial implications VIEW
Group Behaviour VIEW VIEW
Group Norms VIEW
Cohesiveness, Group Think VIEW


Unit 5 Organizational Change and Development {Book}
Organizational Change Meaning, Nature of work change VIEW
Pressure of change, Change Process VIEW VIEW
Organizational Change Process VIEW
Types of Organizational change VIEW
Factors influencing change VIEW VIEW
Resistance to change VIEW
Overcome resistance VIEW
Organizational Development Meaning VIEW VIEW
Different types of OD interventions VIEW VIEW


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