E-Commerce Bangalore University B.Com 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Overview of Developments in Information Technology and Defining E-Commerce VIEW
E-Commerce: Scope of e-commerce, Benefits and Limitations of e-Commerce VIEW
Electronic Market VIEW
Electronic Data Interchange VIEW
Internet Commerce VIEW
Produce a Generic Framework for E-Commerce VIEW
Architectural Framework of Electronic Commerce VIEW
Web based E-Commerce Architecture VIEW


Unit 2 Consumer Oriented e-Commerce [Book]
Consumer Oriented e-Commerce VIEW
E-Retailing, Benefits, Models, Features VIEW
E-Retailing Key Success factors VIEW
Traditional Retailing and e-Retailing VIEW
e-services: Categories of e-Services VIEW
Web-enabled e-services VIEW
Matchmaking e-services VIEW
Information Selling on the Web VIEW
e-entertainment VIEW
Auctions and other specialized e-Services VIEW
Business to Business Electronic Commerce VIEW


Unit 3 Electronic Data Interchange [Book]
Electronic Data Interchange Benefits VIEW
EDI Technology, EDI Standards, EDI Communications, EDI Implementation, EDI Agreements, EDI Security VIEW
Electronic Payment Systems, Need of Electronic Payment System: Study and examine the Use of Electronic Payment system and the protocols used VIEW
Electronic Fund Transfer and Secure Electronic Transaction protocol for Credit card payment VIEW
Digital Economy: Identify the Methods of payments on the net- Electronic Cash, Cheque and Credit cards on the Internet VIEW


Unit 4 Security Threats in e-Commerce [Book]
Security Threats in e-Commerce, Virus VIEW
Cyber Crime Network Security: Encryption, Protecting Web server with a Firewall, Firewall and the Security Policy, Network Firewalls and Application Firewalls, Proxy Server VIEW
Understanding Ethical, Social and Political issues in E-Commerce: A model for Organizing the issues, Basic VIEW


Unit 5 Issues in e-Commerce [Book]
Issues in e-Commerce VIEW
e-Commerce Ethical Concepts, Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas, Candidate Ethical Principles VIEW
Privacy and Information Rights: Information collected at E-Commerce Websites VIEW
The Concept of Privacy, Legal protections in e-Commerce VIEW
Intellectual Property Rights: Types of Intellectual Property Protection, Governance VIEW