C++ Program to Print Character Pattern

28/04/2024 0 By indiafreenotes

Printing Character patterns is a classic programming exercise that helps beginners understand nested loops and control structures in C++. Here, I will provide a simple C++ program to print a character pattern, specifically a pyramid made of letters. This example will increment the letters alphabetically as it builds the pyramid.

Example: Alphabet Pyramid Pattern

This program will create a pyramid where each row contains the same character, starting from ‘A’ in the first row, ‘B’ in the second, and so on.

  • C++ Code:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main() {

    int rows;

    // User inputs the number of rows for the pattern

    cout << “Enter the number of rows: “;

    cin >> rows;

    // Print the character pattern

    for (int i = 1; i <= rows; ++i) {        // Outer loop for each row

        for (int j = rows – i; j > 0; –j) { // Inner loop for leading spaces

            cout << ” “;


        for (int k = 1; k <= 2 * i – 1; ++k) { // Inner loop for characters

            cout << char(‘A’ + i – 1);         // Print character corresponding to row number


        cout << endl;  // Move to the next line after each row is complete


    return 0;




  • Header and Namespace:

The program includes <iostream> for input and output operations and uses the std namespace.

  • Input:

The program prompts the user to enter the number of rows. This value determines the height of the pyramid.

  • Outer Loop:

This loop runs from 1 to rows, where each iteration represents a row in the pyramid.

  • First Inner Loop:

This loop prints spaces before the characters on each row. The number of spaces decreases as the row number increases, creating the left alignment of the pyramid.

  • Second Inner Loop:

This loop prints characters. It calculates the number of characters to print based on the row number (2 * i – 1). All characters in a single row are the same and correspond to their row number in the alphabet (char(‘A’ + i – 1)).

  • Output:

Each character is printed next to each other without spaces in this version, and each row ends with a newline.

Program Output:

If the user enters 4 for the number of rows, the output will be:





This program is a straightforward demonstration of using nested loops and ASCII arithmetic to create patterns in C++. Adjusting the loops and the logic for character calculation allows creation of various other patterns and designs.