Financial Management

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Unit 1 Introduction Financial Management {Book}
Meaning of Finance VIEW
Business Finance VIEW
Finance Function, Aims of Finance Function VIEW
Organization Structure of Finance Department VIEW
Financial Management VIEW
Goals of Financial Management VIEW VIEW
Financial Decisions VIEW
Role of a Financial Manager VIEW
Financial Planning VIEW
Steps in Financial Planning VIEW
Principles of Sound/Good Financial Planning VIEW
Factors influencing a sound financial plan VIEW


Unit 2 Time Value of Money {Book}
Time Value of Money: Introduction, Meaning & Definition, Need VIEW
Future Value (Single Flow, Uneven Flow & Annuity) VIEW
Present Value (Single Flow, Uneven Flow & Annuity) VIEW
Doubling Period VIEW
Concept of Valuation:
Valuation of Bonds/ Debentures VIEW VIEW
Valuation of Shares VIEW
Factor affecting Valuation of Shares VIEW
Various Method VIEW VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Financing Decision {Book}
Capital Structure: Meaning, Introduction VIEW
Factors influencing Capital Structure VIEW
Optimum Capital Structure VIEW
Computation & Analysis of EBIT, EBT, EPS VIEW
Leverages VIEW


Unit 4 Investment & Dividend Decision {Book}
Investment Decision: Introduction Meaning VIEW
Capital Budgeting Features, Significance, Process VIEW
Capital Budgeting Techniques: VIEW
Payback Period VIEW
Accounting Rate of Return VIEW
Net Present Value VIEW
Internal Rate of Return VIEW
Profitability index VIEW
Dividend Decision: Introduction, Meaning and Definition, Types VIEW
Determinants of Dividend Policy VIEW
Bonus Share VIEW


Unit 5 Working Capital Management {Book}
Working Capital Management VIEW
Concept of Working Capital VIEW
Significance of Adequate Working Capital VIEW
Evils of Excess or Inadequate Working Capital VIEW
Determinants of Working Capital VIEW
Sources of Working Capital VIEW