BBA103 Financial Accounting

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Unit 1 {Book}

Nature and function of financial Reporting VIEW
Accounting and Accounting System VIEW
Need and Development of Accounting VIEW
Accounting Standards VIEW
Information perception of different users VIEW
Measures of Returns VIEW
Ethical issues in accounting VIEW
Basic accounting concepts and conventions VIEW

Unit 2 {Book}  
Source Documents VIEW
Classification of accounts VIEW
Recording, Posting of accounts VIEW
Preparation of Trial balance for Service and Merchandise business VIEW
Adjustments of accounts VIEW
Closing of accounts VIEW
Completing the accounting cycle measures Business income VIEW
Financial statements of manufacturing business VIEW

Unit 3 {Book}  
Meaning and reporting of Assets & Liabilities VIEW
Internal control systems or cash VIEW
Bank Reconciliation VIEW
Accounting for Receivables VIEW
Accounting for inventories VIEW
Capital and Revenue expenditure VIEW
Depreciation accounting VIEW
Accounting for Liabilities VIEW
Accounting for Share capital VIEW
Preference shares VIEW
Buy back of shares VIEW

Unit 4 {Book}  
Analysis of accounting information, Financial statement analysis and application VIEW
Statement of cash flow, preparation and interpretation VIEW

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