E-Commerce Rajasthan University BBA 3rd Year Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}
e-Commerce: Meaning, Characteristics, Advantage and Disadvantage VIEW
Origin of e-commerce VIEW
Process of e-commerce VIEW
Key Drivers of e-commerce VIEW
Elements of e-commerce VIEW
Traditional Commerce Vs e-commerce VIEW
Benefits of e-commerce VIEW
Standards of e-Commerce VIEW
Uses of Technologies of e-commerce VIEW
e-Commerce Models VIEW
Mobile Commerce VIEW
Barriers to e-commerce VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
Internet and e-commerce VIEW
Business Uses of Internet VIEW
World Wide Web (WWW), Internet VIEW
Protocol VIEW
Intranet VIEW
Multimedia Application VIEW
Hardware & Software VIEW
Software VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Electronic Payment System Meaning and Methods VIEW
Electronic Payment System issues VIEW
Electronic Banking VIEW
Electronic Stock Trading VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}
Data Warehousing VIEW
Client-Server Computing VIEW
Data Mining VIEW
Website Management: Meaning and Steps VIEW


Unit 5 {Book}
ERP Meaning and Functions VIEW
SAP Applications VIEW
Business Intelligence VIEW
Ethics in e-commerce VIEW
e-commerce Security VIEW
e-Governance VIEW