Role of Technology in Career Planning and Development

04/07/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

People tend to restrict the impact of technology on career planning to only those candidates searching for jobs on the internet. While that is a crucial change in career planning, it is by no means the only change that technology has brought in an employee’s life. Thanks to the advances in technology, employees can now undertake a self-assessment of their skill-sets through various online platforms and portals.

Technology can help facilitate career development conversations between managers and employees in a number of ways, including support for regular discussions between staff and supervisors across the career management process. A career development planning section on the regular performance review form can ensure that managers and employees discuss and document employee career goals and that managers assign the appropriate career development opportunities. Employees can also document their broader skills and abilities as well as their career plans in their digital talent profiles. These profiles should be configurable so you can include all the sections you need.

The employees can now get a clearer idea of the areas they need to focus on to get a wellrounded profile. It reduces their dependence on employers and immediate supervisors to get a feedback on their performance in the form of performance reviews. These employees also don’t need to rely upon counsellors or on the human resources department to get their suggestions and to get their questions answered.

Connectivity also helps people from different departments to be connected, which increases overall efficiency and time utilization. The employees can now easily get the response to their queries over mails and instant messengers, as opposed to the earlier method of walking to the desk and getting questions asked. Instead of just one mentor, now there are several ones who can help you out when you are in a fix.

All the credit for providing these facilities goes to the Internet. Internet or technology facilitates the employees to learn new courses and enhance their skills and add weightage to their resume. Even the organizations are making use of the online modules for providing training to their employees.

Mails and instant messaging systems facilitate the employees to communicate easily and the answers to their queries can be fast received. The number of mentors who guide the employees in the due course of their learning also increases.