Business Statistics-2 Osmania University 4th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Regression {Book}
Regression Introduction, Linear and Non-Linear Regression VIEW
Correlation Vs. Regression VIEW
Lines of Regression VIEW
Derivation of Line of Regression of Y on X, Line of Regression of X on Y VIEW
Using Regression Lines for Prediction VIEW


Unit 2 Index Numbers: {Book}
Index Numbers: Introduction, Uses, Types VIEW
Problems in the Construction of Index Numbers VIEW
Methods of Constructing Index Numbers VIEW
Simple Index Number VIEW
Weighted Index Number (Laspeyre, Paasche, Marshall Edgeworth) VIEW
Tests of Consistency of Index Number:
Unit Test, Time Reversal Test, Factor Reversal Test, Circular Test VIEW
Base Shifting, Splicing and Deflating of Index Numbers VIEW


Unit 3 Time Series {Book}
Time Series: Introduction VIEW
Components of Time Series VIEW
Methods: Semi Average Method VIEW
Moving Average Method VIEW
Least Square Method VIEW
Deseasonalization of Data VIEW
Uses and Limitations of Time Series VIEW


Unit 4 Probability {Book}
Probability: Meaning, Experiment VIEW
Event: Mutually Exclusive Events, Collectively Exhaustive Events, Independent Events, Simple and Compound Events VIEW
Basics of Set Theory VIEW
Permutation, Combination VIEW
Approaches to Probability: Subjective, Axiomatic VIEW
Classical, Empirical Probability VIEW
Theorems of Probability: Addition, Multiplication, VIEW
Bayes Theorem VIEW


Unit 5 Theoretical Distributions {Book}
Binomial Distribution: Importance Conditions, Constants, Fitting of Binomial Distribution VIEW
Poisson Distribution: Importance Conditions Constants, Fitting of Poisson Distribution VIEW
Normal Distribution: Importance, Central Limit Theorem, Characteristics Fitting a Normal Distribution VIEW