I2 HR Analytics Bangalore University B.Com 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 HR Decision-Making and HR Analytics [Book]
HR Analytics Introduction, HR Decision making, Importance, Significance, Benefits VIEW
Steps to implement HR Analytics VIEW
HR Analytics and Changing role of HR Managers VIEW
Aligning Human Resources to Business through HR Analytics VIEW
HR Analytics Framework and Models VIEW
LAMP Framework VIEW


Unit 2 HR Business Process [Book]
Statistics and Statistical Modelling for HR Research and HR Decision-Making VIEW
HR Research Tools and Techniques VIEW
Data Analysis for Human Resources VIEW
Parametric Tests and Non-Parametric Tests VIEW
HRIS for HR Decision-making VIEW
HR Metrics, Recruitment Metrics VIEW
Metrics for Training and Development function VIEW
HR Scorecard VIEW
HR Dashboard VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]
Forecasting and Measuring HR Value propositions with HR Analytics VIEW
Value Proposition and HR Decisions VIEW
Sustainability in HR Decisions VIEW
HR Optimization through Analytics VIEW
Predictive HR Analytics VIEW


Unit 4 HR Data Analytics [Book]
HR Data and Data Quality, Data Collection VIEW
Big Data for Human Resources VIEW
Transforming HR Data into HR information VIEW
HR Reporting VIEW
HR Report Visualization VIEW
Performing Root Cause analysis VIEW
Datafication of Human Resources VIEW
Excel Exercises:
Preparing to Build Your Balanced Scorecard VIEW
Developing Executive and Operational Dashboards VIEW
Pivotal Talent Pools with High Rates of Voluntary Turnover, Involuntary Turnover, For-Cause Dismissals, and Layoffs VIEW


Unit 5 HR Analytics and Productive Modelling [Book]
Different Phases of HR Analytics and Predictive Modelling VIEW
Data and Information for HR Predictive Analysis, Software Solutions VIEW
Predictive Analytics Tools and Techniques VIEW
Understanding Future Human Resources VIEW