Goods and Services Tax Bangalore University BBA 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Basics of Taxation system in India VIEW
Tax Meaning and Types VIEW
Concept and Features of Indirect tax VIEW
Differences between Direct and Indirect Taxation VIEW
Brief History of Indirect Taxation in India VIEW
Constitutional Validity of GST VIEW


Unit 2 Introduction to GST [Book]
Introduction to Goods and Services Tax, Features of GST VIEW
Constitutional Framework of GST VIEW
Tax Subsumed under GST, Dual model of GST VIEW
GST Council: Composition, Powers and Functions VIEW


Unit 3 Time, Place and Value of Supply [Book]
Supply, Scope of Supply, Composite and Mixed Supplies VIEW
Levy and Collection, Composition Levy, Exemptions of GST VIEW
Time of Supply in case of Goods and in case of Services VIEW
Problems on ascertaining Time of Supply VIEW
Place of Supply in case of Goods and in case of Services (both General and Specific Services) VIEW
Problems on Identification of Place of Supply VIEW
Value of Supply Meaning, Inclusions and Exclusions VIEW
Problems on Calculation of “Value of Supply VIEW


Unit 4 GST Liability and Input Tax Credit [Book]
Rates of GST, Classification of Goods and Services and Rates based on classification VIEW
Problems on Computation of GST Liability VIEW
Input Tax Credit Meaning VIEW
Process for availing Input Tax Credit VIEW
Problems on Calculation of Input Tax Credit and Net GST Liability VIEW


Unit 5 GST Procedures [Book]
Registration under GST VIEW
GST Tax Invoice VIEW
Levy and Collection of GST VIEW
Composition Scheme of GST VIEW
Due dates for Payment of GST VIEW
Accounting record for GST VIEW
Features of GST in Tally Package VIEW
GST Returns, Types of Returns, Monthly Returns, Annual Return and Final Return Due dates for filing of returns VIEW
Final Assessment of GST VIEW
Accounts and Audit under GST VIEW