F2 Investment Management Bangalore University B.Com 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Introduction Investment, Attributes VIEW
Economic Investment vs. Financial Investment VIEW
Investment and Speculation VIEW
Features of a Good investment VIEW
Investment Process VIEW
Financial Instruments:
Money Market instruments VIEW
Capital Market Instruments VIEW
Derivatives VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Fundamental analysis: VIEW
EIC Frame Work VIEW
Global Economy VIEW
Domestic Economy VIEW
Business Cycles VIEW
Industry Analysis and Company Analysis VIEW


Unit 3 Technical Analysis [Book]
Technical Analysis Concept VIEW
Dow Theory VIEW
Eliot Wave theory VIEW
Charts: Types, Trend and Trend Reversal Patterns VIEW
Mathematical Indicators Moving averages, ROC, RSI, and Market Indicators VIEW
Market Efficiency VIEW
Behavioral Finance VIEW
Random walk and Efficient Market Hypothesis, VIEW
Forms of Market Efficiency VIEW
Empirical Test for different forms of market efficiency VIEW


Unit 4 Risk & Return [Book]
Risk and Return Concepts, Concept of Risk VIEW
Types of Risk: Systematic risk, Unsystematic risk VIEW
Calculation of Risk and Returns VIEW
Portfolio Risk and Return: Expected Returns of a portfolio VIEW
Calculation of Portfolio Risk and Return VIEW


Unit 5 Portfolio Management [Book]
Portfolio Management Meaning, Need, Objectives VIEW
Process of Portfolio management VIEW
Selection of Securities and Portfolio analysis VIEW
Construction of optimal portfolio using Sharpe’s Single Index Model VIEW
Portfolio Performance evaluation VIEW