Elements of Creativity Influence and Flexibility

17/07/2020 1 By indiafreenotes

Creativity is something that you can turn on at will just like a light switch.

All you need are the four essential elements of Creativity: Focus, People, Tools and Time.

  • Focus: Find an area of general or specific focus finish this sentence: “I want to generate ideas in the that will help me”
  • People: The number of people only depends on who is around you can do it with Numero Uno, 15, 50 or more. Try to get a few mavericks to attend more formal planning sessions to help you see a different picture.
  • Tools: Thinking tools are essential you can use simple tools such as SCAMPER to generate ideas (divergent thinking) and harvest those ideas (convergent thinking) are easily grasped and applied.
  • Time: Taking time out to think in a deliberate manner will allow you to have creativity on demand. Use that time to take walks, meditate, muse over things will give you those.

Creative thinkers try to play with the fundamental concepts of all established facts using different analogies and metaphors and through the usage of unique symbolisms. They try to find as much similarity of their idea with the present situation so that the listeners do not get alienated and then pitch in their individual thoughts. This saves them from premature judgement and filtering.

Creative thinkers take caution that they don’t sound too extreme in their ideas. They always opt for the intermediate approach while building imaginative and ideal situations. They also share techniques in which their vision can become a feasible reality and they do it by relating their ideas with previously mentioned processes and find links with them, which makes the listeners think about the idea in a different light.

The most effective methods to increase creativity in a team are:

  • To be happy and cheerful
  • Encourage transparent communication
  • Trust people and accept failures
  • Be in contact with external information
  • Be independent of apprehensions
  • Support participation in decision making
  • Encourage new ideas

While innate creativity doesn’t need to be particularly nurtured, training the management staff in creativity should be done by experts on how to stimulate creativity in their team members and how to provide motivation. The management should also encourage people for the use of creative techniques and initiate their team mates towards them.

Application of Creativity

Creativity uses a generation of ideas with value to combine various features from them and create a new path to solve concrete problems. This helps people in adapting to change, while still improving the performance of the organization. Creative thinking encourages participation in crucial decisions which immediately changes the attitude of the staff of the organization in a positive direction.

Some expected results of the creativity process are as follows:

  • Innovation through new product and processes
  • Improvement of existing products or services
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Increase in quality

Characteristics of Providers

The implementation of creative techniques in an organization needs the assistance of external consultants and experts who undertake such projects and are well acquainted with the implementation of such processes within the boundaries of the organization.

Their job description revolves around presenting different techniques, teaching their application, profiling people based on their job requirements and providing them with focused training methods. They also define the problems and initiate the changes as per the needs of the process.