BBA202 Business Statistics

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Unit 1 {Book}
Definition of Statistics: Primary and Secondary data VIEW
Classification and Tabulation of data VIEW
Measures of Central Tendency: VIEW
Arithmetic Mean VIEW
Geometric Mean VIEW
Harmonic Mean VIEW
Median VIEW
Measures of Dispersion:
Range VIEW
Quartile Deviation VIEW
Mean Deviation and Standard Deviation VIEW
Coefficient of Variation VIEW
Absolute and relative measures of dispersion VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
Correlation Analysis: Introduction, Importance of correlation Analysis VIEW
Types of correlation: Positive and Negative correlation, Linear and Non -Linear Correlation VIEW
Measures of Correlation: VIEW
Scatter Diagram Method VIEW
Karl Pearson’s Co-efficient of correlation VIEW
Spearman’s Co-efficient of Rank Correlation VIEW
Regression Analysis:
Difference between Correlation and Regression VIEW
Lines of Regression and Properties of regression line, Regression Co-efficient VIEW
Methods of Least Squares, Fitting straight lines, and their properties VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Probability: Definition of probability VIEW
Classical and empirical probability VIEW
Addition and Multiplication rule of probability VIEW
Conditional probability, Simple problems. VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Time Series Analysis: Utility of Time Series VIEW
Components of time series VIEW
Time series models: Addition and Multiplication model VIEW
Measurement of trend: Graphic Method, Moving Average Methods, Method of Least squares, Fitting a straight line trend VIEW
Seasonal variations: Estimation of seasonal variations, Method of simple average, Ratio to Trend method, Ratio to moving average method, cyclical variations VIEW