Legal aspects of Indian Business Rajasthan University BBA 1st Year Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Nature of contract VIEW
Classification of Contract VIEW
Offer and Acceptance VIEW
Capacity to contract, Free consent, Consideration VIEW
Legality of object VIEW
Agreement declared Void VIEW
Performance of contract VIEW
Discharge of contract VIEW
Remedies of breach of contract VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Special contract: Indemnity VIEW
Guarantee in Contract VIEW
Agency VIEW


Unit 3 Sale of Goods Act {Book}  
Formation of contract of Sale VIEW
Goods and their classification VIEW
Price, conditions and warranties VIEW
Passing of property in Goods VIEW
Performance of contract of sale VIEW
Unpaid seller VIEW
Sale by auction VIEW


Unit 4 Negotiable instruments Act 1881 {Book}  
Negotiable instruments Act 1881 and its features VIEW
Promissory Notes, Bill of exchange and Cheque VIEW
Holder & Holder in due course VIEW
Crossing of cheque, Types of crossing VIEW
Dishonors of cheques VIEW


Unit 5 Indian companies Act. {Book}  
Meaning and Nature of Company VIEW
Lifting of corporate veil: Functions, Duties VIEW
Liabilities and Rights of Promoters VIEW
Procedure of Registration of company VIEW
Contents and alteration of Memorandum VIEW
Articles of Association VIEW
Prospectus, Statement in lieu of Prospectus VIEW
Directors Powers and Duties VIEW
Appointment and Removal of Directors VIEW
Appointment and Role of Company Secretary VIEW