Key Google Adwords Strategies

26/04/2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Types of research to do:

  • Keyword Research: Use keyword tools to find the most relevant keywords people are typing into the search engines to find your product/service/company. Plan to spend at least a few hours on this…it’s the foundation of your campaign.
  • Competitive Research: Study the companies bidding on these keywords in AdWords. See who consistently is ranking at or near the top of the rankings. Note their ad copy and offers. Visit their websites. Sign up for their mailing lists. Purchase their products.
  • Research Your Audience: Where are customers buying and reviewing products/services/businesses like yours online? Read their reviews. What do they love/hate about your competition? What are the deep needs/desires they’re looking to fulfill? What emotions are they expressing? While researching them, look for great quotes you can use for ad copy.

Ad copy should:

  • Be highly relevant to the keywords they’re being displayed for (including the exact terms when possible)
  • Stand out from the competition with different offers, benefits, etc.
  • Reflect the messaging/offer on your landing page(s).