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IIFCL is a wholly-owned Government of India company set up in 2006 to provide long term finance to viable infrastructure projects through the Scheme for Financing Viable Infrastructure Projects through a Special Purpose Vehicle called India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL), broadly referred to as SIFTI.

The sectors eligible for financial assistance from IIFCL are as per the Harmonized list of Infrastructure Sub-Sectors as approved by the Government and RBI and as amended from time to time. These broadly include transportation, energy, water, sanitation, communication, social and commercial infrastructure.

IIFCL has been registered as a NBFC-ND-IFC with RBI since September 2013.

The authorized and paid up capital of the company as on 30th September 2015 stand at Rs 5,000 Crore and Rs 3,900 Crore, respectively.

On a standalone basis, IIFCL has made cumulative gross sanctions of over Rs 63,800 Crore under direct lending to more than 360 projects and has made cumulative disbursements of over Rs 45,000 Crore, including disbursements under Refinance and Takeout Finance, till 30th September 2015.

  • It was set up in 2006 to provide long term debt for infrastructure projects.
  • It provides financial assistance to commercially viable projects, which includes projects implemented by public sector company, private sector company; or private sector company selected under Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.
  • IIFCL raises funds from domestic as well as external markets on strength of government guarantees.

Credit Enhancement Scheme

Under the Credit Enhancement Scheme, IIFCL provides its partial credit guarantee to enhance the credit rating of bonds issued by infrastructure companies to AA or higher for refinancing of existing loans. IIFCL can undertake credit enhancement to the extent of 20% of Total Project Cost (40% of Total Project Cost with backstop guarantor) subject to a maximum of 50% of the total amount of Project Bonds.

Credit enhancement enables channelization of long term funds from investors like insurance and pension funds in such bonds. Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing backstop guarantee facility to IIFCL for up to 50% of IIFCL’s underlying risk.

In September 2015, first bond issue of Rs 451 Crore, with credit rating enhanced by partial credit guarantee provided by IIFCL under the scheme, was successfully placed. IIFCL is working on many more such transactions.

For institutions

Refinance Scheme

IIFCL provides refinance to banks and other eligible financial institutions (FI’s) for their loans to infrastructure projects.

Under the refinance scheme, till 30th September 2015, IIFCL has made cumulative disbursements of over Rs 6,200 Crore.


IIFC (UK): IIFC (UK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IIFCL, was set up in April 2008 to provide financial assistance in foreign currency, for the import of capital equipment, to Indian companies implementing infrastructure projects in the country. Till 30th September 2015, IIFC (UK) has made cumulative disbursements of over USD 1.6 billion.

IIFCL Projects Ltd (IPL):IPL, a 100% subsidiary of IIFCL, was set up in 2012 to provide advisory services including project appraisal and syndication services, as well as project development services involving conducting feasibility studies, project structuring, financial structuring and development of detailed business cases.

IIFCL Asset Management Company Ltd. (IAMCL): IIFCL formed a 100% subsidiary asset management company viz. IAMCL to manage the IIFCL Mutual Fund (IDF). In Feb 2014, IIFCL Mutual Fund launched its maiden IDF scheme through private placement. On full subscription, the scheme achieved the distinction of being the first IDF Mutual Fund in the country to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

IIFCL MF (IDF) is currently in the process of launching two new schemes, both rated “AAA MF-IDF” by two domestic credit rating agencies, with one focused on infrastructure sectors with a fund size of up to Rs 1,500 crore and the other focused on Green initiative (Solar and wind energy, waste-to-energy, water and sanitation etc.) with a fund size of upto Rs 1,000 crore.

Projects get financed from IIFL:

Following sectors projects are eligible for financing from IIFCL:

  • Power;
  • Warehouses;
  • Gas pipelines;
  • Cold storage chains;
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry
  • Infrastructure projects in Special Economic Zones;
  • International convention centres and other tourism infrastructure projects;
  • Road and bridges, seaports, railways, airports, inland waterways and other transportation projects.
  • Urban transport, water supply, sewage, solid waste management and other physical infrastructure in urban areas.