Creativity and Qualities of a Creative Person

20/04/2020 1 By indiafreenotes

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a printed literary work, or a painting).

Scholarly interest in creativity is found in a number of disciplines, primarily psychology, business studies, and cognitive science, but also education, technology, engineering, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science), theology, sociology, linguistics, and economics, covering the relations between creativity and general intelligence, personality type, mental and neural processes, mental health, or artificial intelligence; the potential for fostering creativity through education and training; the fostering of creativity for national economic benefit, and the application of creative resources to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Qualities of a Creative Person

When you hear the word “creative” what do you think of? Creativity can come in all shapes and forms, bring all sorts of ideas to the surface, and inspire change in the world. But creativity is also a vague term because of how many outlets there are, and with that comes two things: a challenge and an opportunity. For example, it is very easy to walk beside a creative group of people, and become blind to seeing whose intentions are genuine. It is even easier to become blind to your own. Examining personal characteristics from time to time is a cool opportunity to see what traits of yours are being practiced creatively, because we all know humans have plenty of traits in other departments. This can not only help you to gain perspective, but to see what really constitutes as a creative characteristic, which in return may help you see if your ‘creative’ intentions are being practiced or forgotten. I know, a mouthful right? The truth is, sometimes we lose sight of ourselves, sometimes we lose sight of what our purpose is, and sometimes we lose sight of what true creativity is. Creativity stands out, it doesn’t have a certain definition, and it just exists as it is. So what are the characteristics of creative people? And are you one of them? Here’s ten that might put some things into perspective.

  1. Energetic

Creative people have a certain energy surrounding them. They tend to radiate a great deal of energy and put their whole heart into what they expend their energy on. This type of energy is different than lets say, hyper-ness, in that it drives the creator into a positive direction and isn’t aimlessly expended. Energy helps the creator to pour passion into their creation and spread energy to others when they see what they have created. Being energetic is often contagious, and creative people love to rub their energy off on other individuals. Trust me, this energy is unlike anything else and if you’ve felt it before, then you’ll know what I am talking about.

  1. Intelligent

Being intelligent is another characteristic of being creative. There is an array of wisdom within the mind of a creative person, much like a gift that is hard to find. Creatives are smart and know how to utilize it in all the right areas. They are quick to come with ideas, and resourceful with their surroundings. Intelligence can come in many forms, but creative people tend to practice the abstract, artistic side of intelligence more often than not. Wisdom is a strong characteristic in the mind of a creative, because more intelligence naturally leads to more creative success.

  1. Sensitive

While being intelligent is a dominant characteristic, creative people also have a submissive side to them. They are sensitive to many things, because their hearts are constantly open to the world. Being emotional comes easy to them and many things make them cry. Creatives easily see both the joy and pain in everyday life which makes them sensitive to the whole spectrum of living. Being sensitive and vulnerable allows a creative to rip away any self doubt and spill their complete passion and effort into their work. A sensitive heart may be perceived as submissive, but it truly is a gift for a creative to possess.

  1. Ambitious

Creatives are highly ambitious in their pursuits. They are always looking for the next project and have an eager hand. Almost nothing discourages their preference to try something new. Constant creating causes creatives to look for more, and ambition gives them more. They seek and seek and eventually find what they are looking for. Whether that be in the smallest part of their day or the biggest event of their life, there is always something to pull from their experience to inspire their work.

  1. Naive

Another submissive characterisitc many creatives have is to be naive. Being naive can be a very dangerous thing in this world, and creative people tend to fall into that naive pool quite often. But being naive isn’t entirely dangerous, it can help creatives learn from their mistakes and grow. It can help them open certain doors accidentally which helps them flourish from new discoveries. There is a certain amount of childlike innocence in a creative person because they look at the world with hopeful eyes and try to see the best in humanity. Being curious, or having a wandering spirit, goes hand in hand with being naive; The world is your backyard, but beware of dog, the world might bite back sometimes.

  1. Rebellious

Creatives are alot more rebellious than one may think. They take lots of risks and often. They aren’t afraid to mess up because they tend to see the good in it if they do. They may have lots of bruises and scars to prove their mistakes, but their rebellion keeps their heart alive with fire. With a heart full of fire and daring spirit, nothing can hurt a creative, not even the nastiest response from the world. Being rebellious means stepping out of the box and trying something out even it is results in failure, because creatives choose to look at is at an opporunity to grow either way it turns out.

  1. Extroverted and Introverted

Can one person be both extroverted and introverted? Creatives sure can! Creative people have two sides to them, the private side and the public side. They can be social and personal, talkative and silent, shy and confident, all in the same body. Being extroverted has its perks and so does being introverted. Creative people are very willing to embrace things, and see the benefits in balancing just the right amount of extroverted, introverted-ness in order to reap all of its benefits.

  1. Playful

Being playful is what creatives are all about. They play with ideas until they get the result desired. They play with paints to achieve the right color, play with lens to capture the perfect photo, play with metal to build the right model, and you know quite well creatives ‘play with fire’. Being playful allows a creative to have fun. It allows them to take what they do less seriously and put the joy into it by simply having a good time. And sometimes the best things come by mistake, or by accident, or by playing with fire.

  1. Open minded

If there is any person that is open minded, it’s your creative friend, or anyone that is creative in this world for that matter. This is a big one, considering how open to possibilities creatives have to be to reap success. Being open minded allows creatives to climb mountains and venture into secret lands. It allows people to see through another lens without captivating themselve into a box of boundaries or restrictions. Being open minded helps creatives to be set free, and a creative that is free has the sky as their limit.

  1. Dreamer

Creatives never stop dreaming. They dream in the day, in their minds constantly, in the evening, in the night and all over again the next day. Creatives dream because of how goal oriented they are, and they dream of these goals realistically in order to motivate them. Creatives can also get carried away, however, just like any individual. But for the most part, this dreaming we are talking of, its untouchable, Because when a creative person wants something they go for it  full heartedly, even if it did start out as a dream.