Advantages and Disadvantages of PR

20/02/2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Advantages of public relations agency


Public relations agency will provide more credibility. People show trust more to the messages from a trusted third party than the content of an advertisement.


PR will help to reach decent public relations plans to attract various news outlets, to expose content to a larger section of the target audience.


Public relations agency providesa more cost-effective method than paid promotion to reach a larger part of the target audience.

Disadvantages of PR agency

No direct control:

A PR agency cannot control a distributed content like paid media through earned media. This is one of the most significant risks while investing in public relations

Difficulty in measuring success:

It is tough for a PR agency to measure the progress and effectiveness

No guaranteed outcome:

There is no guarantee of publishing press release as a brand does not pay for it. It is only published by a media outlet when it feels that it will attract the target audience.