Way of Creating and Maintaining Effective Organization Culture

20/04/2020 0 By indiafreenotes

Companies with impressive employee retention rates and high employee satisfaction levels, all have one thing in common they understand the importance of a strong workplace culture. They also know that you must truly invest in your people if you want to get the best out of them.

A poor workplace culture could actually end up costing an employer money, as it could result in absenteeism, employee stress, poor health and a high turnover of staff.  Therefore, working hard to achieve a good culture is not only beneficial for those you employ, it’s also good for the productivity of your business.

These things are easy to talk about, but often less easy to achieve. So, what does a good company culture actually look like?

Responsive to employee needs

Aside from salary and pension schemes, employees have become increasingly interested in ‘lifestyle benefits’ that respond to their personal circumstances and aid a healthier work/life balance. These can include things such as flexitime working, work from home options and study days.

Ongoing development

Does your company promote continuous employee growth and development? It’s important for an employee know their employer is invested in their personal and professional development take the necessary steps to do so. Promoting a culture of continuous development can be done so by developing mentoring schemes or training days.

Social calendar

A good balance of social interaction alongside business activity is good for morale. A healthy calendar of social events outside of the office can help instigate inter-team bonding as well as creating a buoyant atmosphere.

Open, honest feedback

Employers need to create an open culture that allows employees at every level to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns. With structured feedback strategies in place, employers can then monitor employee satisfaction levels and help alleviate issues as they arise.

A little extra

Alongside the more traditional benefits, employees usually respond well to other smaller, more personalised perks – such as free breakfast, early Friday finish or a charity partnership that’s chosen by employees.

Innovative approach

This applies to the innovative ways in which the company conducts business, but also the way it engages with its staff. Is your company striving to be a thought-leader in its sector? Do employees have the chance to attend industry events to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in their field? Do they feel able to incorporate new ideas and technology into their work?

Committed leadership

A great workplace needs buy-in from all team members – but particularly from those at management level. Clear, committed and inclusive leadership will be an essential component in maintaining a great company culture. Make sure the leaders in your organisation understand the culture and are able to effectively communicate and uphold it.