Material inputs & Utilities

18/03/2020 1 By indiafreenotes

An important aspect of technical analysis is concerned with defining the materials and utilities required, specifying their properties in some detail, and setting up their supply programme.

Material inputs and utilities may be classified into four broad categories:

  1. Raw materials
    Raw materials (processed and / or semi – processed) may be classified into four types:(i) agricultural products, (ii) mineral products, (iii) livestock and forest products, and (iv) marine products
  2. Processed industrial materials and components
    Processed industrial materials and components (base metals, semi-processed materials, manufactured parts, components, and sub-assemblies) represent important inputs for a number of industries.

3. Auxiliary materials and factory supplies
In addition to the basic raw materials and processed industrial materials and components, a manufacturing project requires various auxiliary materials and factory supplies like chemicals, additives, packaging materials, paints, varnishes, oils, grease, cleaning materials etc.

4. Utilities
A broad assessment of utilities (power, water, steam, fuel, etc) may be made at the time of input study though a detailed assessment can be made only after formulating the project with respect to location, technology, and plant capacity.