Human aspects of project Management

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Two major kinds of problem related to the Project Environment are:

  • Personnel performance problems
  • Personnel policy problems

Ø personnel performance is difficult for many individuals in the project environment because it represents a change in the way of doing business.

Ø Individuals, regardless of how competent they are, find it difficult to adapt continually to a changing situation in which they report to multiple managers.

Ø The employee wants only to be recognised as an achiever and really ndoes not care if the project is a success or failure. Even if the project is a failure he can always go back to his functional area.

Ø Another problem lies in the project- functional interface.(reporting to two bosses).If both the bosses are in total agreement about the work to be accomplished then performance at the interface may not hamper the performance .But if conflicting directions are received ,then the individual at the interface ,regardless of his capabilities and experience, may let his performance suffer because of his compromising position

Ø In TEAM formulation for project, not much time available for all 4 phases of teaming (forming, storming, norming &performing). So team should be chosen carefully for highly cohesive &stable team.

Ø Functional organisations are normally governed by unit manning documents that specify grade and salary for the employees. Project offices on the other hand, have no such regulations because, by definition, projects are different from each other and therefore, require different structures.

▪    In fact, opportunities to grow are faster in PM (project mgt0

▪    projects recognise the individual accomplishment

Ø Project management is successful only if the project manager and his team are totally dedicated to the successful completion of the project. this requires that each team member of the project team and office to have a good understanding of the fundamental project requirements, which include:

▪    Customer Liaison

▪    Project Direction

▪    Project Planning

▪    Project control

▪    Project Evaluation

▪    Project Reporting

Ø Since the above requirements cannot be fulfilled by single individuals, members of the project office, as well as functional representatives must work together as a ream. This team work concept is vital to the success of a project.

Ø Ultimately, the person with the greatest influence during the staffing phase is the PROJECT MANAGER. The personal attributes and abilities of project managers will either attract or detr highly desirable individuals. Project managers must like trouble. They must be capable of evaluating risk and uncertainty.

Basic characteristics of a project manager are:

▪    Ability evaluate risk and uncertainty

▪    Willingness to take trouble.

▪    Honesty and integrity

▪    Understanding of personnel problems

▪    Understanding  of project technology

▪    Business management competence

ñ management principles

ñ communications

▪    Alertness and quickness

▪    Versatility

▪    Energy and toughness

▪    Decision making ability

Ø Project managers must exhibit both honesty and integrity with their subordinates as well as line personnel, thus fostering an atmosphere of trust. impossible promises must be avoided. they usually follow “open door “policies for project as well as line personnel.

Ø  Project managers must have both business management and technical expertise. they must understand the technical implications of a problem, since they are ultimately responsible for. They may have a staff of professionals to assist them.

Ø  Because a project has a relatively short time duration, decision making must be rapid and effective. Managers must be alert and quick in their ability to perceive “red flags “that can eventually lead to serious problems

Ø  project managers must demonstrate their versatility and toughness in order to keep subordinates dedicated to goal accomplishment.

Ø  Executives must realise that the project manager’s objectives during staffing are to:

▪    Acquire the best available assets and try to improve them

▪    Provide a good working environment for all personnel

▪    make sure that all resources are applied effectively and efficiently so that all constrains are met, if possible.

Ø As project management began to grow and mature, the project manager was converted from a technical manager to a business manager. The primary skills needed to be an effective project manager in the next century will be:

▪    knowledge of the business

▪    risk management

▪    integration skills

Ø Very critical sill among the above skills is risk management, however to perform risk management effectively, a sound knowledge of the business is required.